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República Popular de China é un dos países máis poderosos e económicamente desenvolvidos do mundo, o xigante industrial, a perla do turismo, neste terceiro país máis grande do mundo, todos os ámbitos de negocio, incluída a industria do xogo, están ben desenvolvidos.

o chinés are known for their diligence and efficiency, but one more feature of this people is the passion for the game. Gambling in China appeared many millennia ago and is closely related to the culture and history of the country. No wonder the most famous producers of game content necessarily have among their developments, so-called, games with Asian stories, which use symbols and attributes of the eastern culture, including chinés. In addition, there are a number of Asian games as an alternative to classic table and card games: Sic Bo, Mahjong, chinés pôquer (Tarxetas 13), fan-tan, etc.

o chinés adoran apostar e felizmente pasan o tempo nas salas de xogos de casino.

Cales son as regras do negocio de xogos de azar no territorio dun enorme país cunha poboación de máis de 1 millóns de persoas? Que leis rexen esta industria?

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Chinaas leis de xogo e as zonas de xogo

A principios do século XX, o centro do xogo en China was Shanghai. Since then, the era and the government of the country have changed, there have been changes in the ownership of the colonial territories of the PRC – and to date the only game area where practically all the game industry of the country is concentrated is the city of Macau (the former colony of Portugal, xa que 1999 pasou a formar parte da RPC, a cidade situada na costa do Sur China Sea). East Monte Carlo, the second Las Vegas - Axiña que non se chama este colorido ángulo de emoción, onde o chinés have the opportunity to quench their thirst for the game, and tourists from all over the world will enjoy the hospitality of Asians. This city has already several times managed to overtake Las Vegas en termos de facturación do negocio de xogos de azar.

En Macau, opera máis de casinos con clásicos 30 área de traballo and card games, slot machines. Also in Macau is the largest casino in the world – Venetian Macau. In the city everything is arranged in the best way for visitors, there are a lot of hotels and hotels, restaurants and bars, shops and dance clubs offering a variety of entertainment programs.

Dende 2002, a área de Macau tamén está autorizada a abrir casinos para estranxeiros, que atraeron moita atención por parte de investimentos de todo o mundo.

Tamén no territorio de China, operan legalmente unha variedade de loterías, Macau e Hong Kong poden apostar en carreiras de cabalos.

Feitos interesantes sobre a industria do xogo China

Cultura en China, por suposto, é diferente do Europeo one, and there are some peculiarities in it, although after the advent of foreign (mostly American) casinos, the general atmosphere and strict rules in Macau have softened much. In general, a casino visitor from any country will feel very comfortable. But we should not forget about the rules, for example, almost always it is necessary to adhere to a dress code, not to conflict with guards, carry an identity card, since only people over 18 years of age are allowed in the casino, etc.

É interesante que no chinés casino it is forbidden to play local officials, and also you can not take cameras and other large equipment. And the rest of the general rules are similar to those that operate around the world.

Outra característica interesante do negocio de xogos de azar China is the floating casino. Gaming halls are located on ships and are open to all those Chinese who can not afford to visit Macau. Players board the ship in Hong Kong and go on a trip to neutral waters, where, without breaking the law, they can safely gamble.

Rendibilidade da industria de xogos de azar en China

China ocupa unha posición de liderado no mundo en termos de rendibilidade da industria do xogo, que compite constantemente co lugar 1 co Estados Unidos. Despite the constant jumps in profitability associated with the government campaign against corruption, the outflow of large players from Macau, not the desire of the authorities to increase the number of gaming zones in the country and legalize casinos en liña, o beneficio do xogo en China é de decenas de millóns de dólares cada ano e supón máis do 50% dos ingresos no orzamento do país.

Tamén un compoñente importante da renda total da industria de xogos de azar é a participación obtida polos desenvolvedores de móbil games in China. The revenues of developers have already exceeded $ 5.5 billion, and this mark may increase by 2019 to $ 11-12 billion.

In addition, in China, a very developed direction of gambling, like e-sports. The country has a state program for the development of e-sports and support for players, who each year take prizes in international tournaments. Despite the fact that the official sale of software for e-sports is banned, China’s game studios are suppliers of ingenious developments for foreign companies. Working on the principle of outsourcing, Chinese programmers receive huge revenues.

Casino en liña en China

It should be noted that online gambling in China is strictly prohibited and almost completely destroyed. The government of the country adheres to the rigid policy forbidding any online gambling. There is a constant struggle even with those sites that indirectly provide information about gaming portals.

Por suposto, os chineses están a visitar unha variedade de estranxeiros casinos en liña, whose operators, knowing the passions of Chinese citizens to gambling, provide their services in their own language. But in China, the activities of such institutions are strictly punishable by law.

The main reason that this direction of gambling does not develop, and the prospects for its emergence from the shadow are not great – this is the lack of the country’s economic needs in this segment of the business. If the situation changes, and revenues from land casinos in Macau will rapidly decline, it is possible that the Chinese authorities will reconsider their attitude to the online segment.

O futuro da industria de xogos de azar de China

In 2015, Macau recorded a record decline in yields over the past few years. Many high rollers left the game zone, and the influx of players from abroad has drastically decreased, due to the tightening of the rules of visiting Macau. So, for example, the rules for obtaining visas have changed, the working conditions of junket operators have become more complicated, etc. Such government measures have provoked a wave of protests from representatives of the Macau game zone.

But experts say that this year will be the last unprofitable for the Chinese gaming industry. Soon the situation will stabilize, the anti-corruption campaign will stop, and the government, which understands the importance of this industry for the country, will create more comfortable conditions for business development.

China e xogos de azar

In the world the Chinese are known to be very hardworking nation. But there is this nation another feature that can be safely called a passion. This is an incredible love for gambling. Rare Chinese deny myself the pleasure to tickle your nerves, making a bet in any game or buying a couple of lotería tickets. In China, gambling, for example, mahjong might in any event, even if it is not a holiday.
Xogos de azar chineses

Similar addiction in China has a very long and eventful history, which has kept a lot of interesting documents. The first records of gambling in this country were made during the reign of the first dynasty, which means that they are at least 4000 years. China has given the world not only gunpowder, paper and other practical inventions, but also activities such as lotería, mahjong ou Pai Gow.
From the seventh century AD, in China for several centuries acted numerous organizations, who opened establishments for gambling. The richer people become, the more gambling houses appeared. In the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries, this business was considered honorable and brought substantial profits. Often it involved representatives of the criminal world with which cooperated corrupt officials.
In the second half of the nineteenth – early twentieth centuries the center of gambling in China was Shanghai. It attracts players from all corners of the vast country. Even then, there were large casino , where you can make bets in many local and overseas games. These institutions were in the French Concession of Shanghai, and Shanghai International Settlement.
In 1847, the Portuguese government legalized gambling in Macau. Later, as a result of the Chinese civil war reigned in the communist regime, which put an end to all casinos in the country, but in Macau, which is still ruled Portugal, continuaron operando.
When in 1999, Macao , did not happen was part of the PeopleXCHARXs Republic of China, changes in the law relating to gambling. Since 2002, here it is allowed to open casinos foreigners. Currently, there are more than thirty Macau casino, which offers dozens of games, and is the only place in China where casinos are legal home. In 2010, Macau was visited by about twenty-five million people, and more than half of them played in the casino.
Case na China son lexítimas lotería in Macao and Hong Kong, you can bet on horse races. Many Chinese are sent to the short-term travel in ships, that during these cruises to play in a casino operating on board.
Casino de Casino de China

Cultura e sociedade
, but to understand the reason for such a love of Chinese to gamble, is not enough to turn to history. The study of this question requires an examination of the Chinese culture. It should say at once that we are not talking about the encouragement of the authorities. The most prominent of these people did not approve of the game for the money, considering it a waste of time and a threat to public order. Therefore, the rulers who have been extremely difficult to control a vast empire, has always sought to control gambling and even they often prohibited.
Chinese philosophical views were formed under the influence of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. In them a lot of attention is paid to the impact of higher powers. Chinese players to a greater extent than those in the Western world believe in fate and luck. For them, a very important variety of amulets, the location of objects (remember Feng Shui), the date and the number (the famous numerology). All this can create the illusion of control over the situation, which often leads to gambling addiction.
By the way, the dependence on gambling in Chinese society is not usually regarded as a mental illness. Such people are considered to be bad from a moral point of view, and few people will feel sorry for them, as is common in Western countries. Confucius stated that “a decent man does not play for money.”
It is also worth taking into account the social factors that had a significant impact on the psychology of the Chinese people. In recent years, millions of people in this country overcome the difficult path from poverty to a stable position, and even prosperity. As you know, yesterday the poor man, who managed to get rich quick, very often wants to show the world that he can throw money right and left. That is why many Chinese argue that the play purely for pleasure.
Do not forget that the absence of casinos in some areas does not mean that the people of this region do not play for money. For example, mahjong is played with real rates across the country for many centuries. This game is considered to be a great gymnast for the mind, useful for the elderly, and excellent entertainment for all sorts of parties. In her play, even at weddings and funeral.

A campaña contra o xogo
Although gambling in Macau is growing rapidly, the Chinese government does not support the idea of solving the casinos in the rest of the country. Moreover, it is actively closing the existing online casino. In 2010, it was discontinued activities of many of these establishments, and authorities seized the operators of online gambling almost one hundred million dollars.
Con todo, o goberno non parou e asumiu os sitios que proporcionan información casinos en liña and provide links to them. This policy does not leave the Chinese fans of such entertainment is no chance, and this industry has virtually destroyed the country. Even foreign operators do not run the risk of offering their services to Chinese citizens.

Con todo, xogando en China desde hai moito tempo e é improbable que alguén ou algo poida que os chineses renuncien a este hobby.

Casinos en China - e sería desexable e pintado

Is there a casino in China? Speaking generally, the gambling establishments there. But in fact, they only work in a single gambling zone – Macao. In the rest of the vast country operates a total ban on almost all gambling. How is it that the Chinese gambling deprived of his hobbies? Read!

Resumo do artigo:

  • The history of gambling in China;
  • Laws about gambling – gambling is illegal everywhere except in Macao;
  • Macau – authorized gambling zone in China. Strong competitor even Las Vegas;
  • Casinos in China on water or “floating” casinos;
  • Online casino in the PRC:
  • prohibited;
  • Bloqueado.
  • Conclusion where and what to play China?
  • mahjong e saen nas rúas; estes xogos non están prohibidos;
  • casinos in Macau;
  • nacional Loteria;
  • carreiras de cabalos;
  • apostas deportivas;
  • casinos flotantes, saíndo en augas neutras.

A historia do xogo en China

They say that the passion of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom to gambling emerged much earlier than many other nations. The first mention of it dates back to the second millennium BC.

Chinese gambling houses began to open before anyone else – even in the VII century! Even the Italians began to organize a casino only in the XII century, and the French, and even later.

The whole history of China is closely associated with gambling. The richer the country becomes, the better the economy is developed, the more open gambling establishments. But it so happened that they very often have been under the wing of the mafia, and brought her a huge profit.

For a long time, up until the middle of the twentieth century, the capital of the country of gambling games was Shanghai. Here, entire neighborhoods were built casino. We worked great institution, ready to serve guests royally. They played all the games that have only been known in Asia, Europa e América.

Another gambling is a Hong Kong island. We played here on the streets, in the courts, in special gambling establishments and in virtually every corner.

Right next door gambling actively developed in Macau , the former until 1999 a Portuguese colony.

However, as the free flow of gambling and casinos, as well as strengthening the influence of criminal organizations, at variance with the interests of the state. Therefore, with the coming to power of Communists almost all gambling was prohibited.

Leis chinesas sobre xogos de azar

Law banning casinos and gambling, was adopted in 1949. And he is still in effect. A small exception is made for the bookmakers. They are allowed to bet on horse racing and soccer matches.

Outra excepción é a lotería. In China, they are all national. Private operators such activity is strictly forbidden. In this case the proceeds from the National Loteria, están dirixidos á construción e aos programas sociais.

You say as how Macao? Yes Yes. This is another exception that proves the rule. Since its territory when the Portuguese were allowed casinos, then the return of the territory to China bosom was decided to leave, and even develop this area.

Áreas de xogo xurídicas en China

In fact, Macau is the only legal gaming area in China. Portuguese legalized casinos in 1847. And the Chinese have given official approval in 2002.

And as this piece of land is the only place where you can clip coupons from the gamblers, including the very wealthy foreigners, China rasstaralsya to fame. Many sluggish operating under the Portuguese gambling flourished. In just a decade, a host of luxury facilities, which beat all records.

Today Macau is very rapidly conquers the title of the capital of gambling in Las Vegas. Half-million city is visited by tens of millions of visitors each year. Foreigners are welcomed with open arms and offer 1 1000 and reckless way to fill the state treasury.

But China’s citizens to get to Macau is not easy. It is necessary to defend at a checkpoint in Gongbei, be in possession of a certain amount, and the resolution is not to be official. Officials gambling is prohibited by law, so they do not accidentally embezzlement of public funds.


Casinos flotantes en China

If the Chinese can not go to Macau, they nevertheless remains another option – floating casino in Hong Kong. No, no, this is not allowed to play on the court. But in international waters, no Chinese inhibitions do not act. And it is there directed gorgeous manicured liners, iridescent lights. Leaving the territorial waters of China, visit the vessel may indulge in gambling all night long.

By the way, are very popular among the local short-term trips for travel on these ships. It turns out a wonderful cruise along the coast and gambling adventure.

This business because of loopholes in the law is developing very successfully. Many vessels are not inferior in luxury “Titanic.” They are in addition to the modern casino equipment is not worse Macau schools, swimming pools, sports grounds, restaurants, concert halls, cinemas and more.

There are boats and easier, for example, converted barge. Neroskoshno, but a ticket for night games costing from $ 38.

Casinos en liña en China

It would seem that the Chinese can move their passion from the real casinos to virtual. But it was not there. In China, there are very strict laws prohibiting the activity of casinos en liña and any sites that offer gambling entertainment.

For violating the law criminalizes acts. You can not just pay the fine, but also sit in jail.

On the territory of China is prohibited to place a server, payment systems, which are connected to an online casino operation. the government is also doing its best to filter the world’s resources. Not only blocked sites casinos and betting shops, but also pôquer cuartos e ata recursos que anuncian un destes sitios.

Versed in the intricacies of computer people are trying to circumvent the ban, manually changing the IP to IP in China another country. But at this stage of the virtual protection of China is so intelligent that it detects these tricks. Even for such seemingly prank attracted to criminal liability.

Resumo: onde se xoga en China

Se aínda realmente queres xogar en calquera xogo, podes escoller unha das opcións:

  • mahjong e saen nas rúas; estes xogos non están prohibidos;
  • casinos in Macau ;
  • nacional Loteria;
  • carreiras de cabalos;
  • apostas deportivas;
  • casinos flotantes, saíndo en augas neutras.

Non valen o risco e se comunican cos establecementos clandestinos de xogos chineses e combaten con eles moi en serio.